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This flags allows sending code to jshint over STDIN and pretending it is a certain file.

Then we can do the config lookup algorithm relative to the dirname of that file as we would do with jshint somefile

This makes text editor integration easier

See SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter-jshint#22

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Support `jshintConfig` in package.json #22


You should run the tests locally, you're missing some semicolons.


Thanks for that. Fixed to match jshint

@evocateur evocateur commented on an outdated diff Feb 7, 2014
@@ -457,7 +460,16 @@ var exports = {
if (opts.useStdin) {
cli.withStdin(function (code) {
- lint(extract(code, opts.extract), results, opts.config || {}, data);
+ var config = opts.config;
+ if (opts.filename && !config) {
+ var filename = path.join(process.cwd(), opts.filename);
evocateur Feb 7, 2014

This seems a little naïve. What if someone passes an absolute path? path.resolve is what you want.

var filename = path.resolve(opts.filename);
JSHint member

It'd be nice to have a test covering that. Also, can you explain how is this making editor integration easier? Maybe there's another way? This particular approach seems a tad too hacky to me.


@antonkovalyov See issue SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter-jshint#22

The main use case is for linting a buffer in a text editor that has not been saved to disk yet. The options are pass it in over stdin to jshint or write it to a temporary file.

The latter option will only work if its a temporary file in the same location as the real file so that the lookup path for the local .jshintrc file works.

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Look for config in package.json #25

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