@jugglinmike jugglinmike released this Jul 30, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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2.9.6 (2018-07-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing global objects for browser env (badc7a4)
  • Add other Fetch spec globals (07bb596), closes #2582
  • Allow closing over immutable bindings (7091685)
  • Allow computed method names in obj literal (a5ff715)
  • Allow empty export and trailing comma (631327e), closes #2567
  • Avoid infinite loop on invalid for stmt (56a4379)
  • Consistently ignore dot-prefixed dirs (8d4317e)
  • Correct impl of built-in bindings (a11d631)
  • Correct interpretation of whitespace (dd06eea)
  • Correct location of reported error (1c434a3)
  • Correct location reported for W043 (1d04868)
  • Correct reporting of var name in list comprehensions (0ff6644)
  • Correct restriction on function name (55aa54e)
  • Correct spelling of Uint8ClampedArray (8df4a32)
  • Create block scope for switch statements (aa2be10)
  • Disallow default values in rest parameters (b420aed)
  • Do not create binding for illegal syntax (9fe8c94)
  • Do not warn about non-ambiguous linebreaks (ab3ab85)
  • Fix "is is" message typos (7993101)
  • Preserve functionality in "legacy" Node.js (2f6ac13)
  • recognize Jasmine global spyOnProperty (827237f), closes #3183
  • Relax restriction on asgnmnt to arguments (0a66710)
  • Remove warning W100 (ff71d3c)
  • Report error for duplicate arrow params (506c7d5)
  • Report error for redeclared generator fns (8896fa3)
  • Restrict "name" of strict mode functions (a554c89)
  • Restrict super usage to valid forms (8f3f880)
  • Restrict IdentifierNames in ES5 code (5995a9f)
  • Tolerate division following closing brace (3aa02db)
  • Tolerate RegExp as void operand (3f920b5)
  • Tolerate whitespace in inline directives (efeb0f8)


  • List outer scoped variables of W083 (d03662c), closes #3211