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JSHint Development Roadmap


JSHint currently uses the original JSLint parser written by Douglas Crockford. The actual implementation is not very maintainable and I am looking for another JavaScript parser to use instead of JSLint's parser. The choices are Narcissus, Traceur, esprima or parse-js.


The goal is to make every warning optional. Errors should be reserved only for obvious error cases (such as funcion hello() {} (note the missing 't').

In addition to that, boolean options have very limited use so we are working on introducing less ambiguous options. See #166 for more information.

Right now my personal preferred solution is: /* jsh eval:error */ where the option's value can be error, warn or ignore. (For backwards compatibility reasons we can't use /* jshint */)


We need to revisit the default (i.e. those that occur when used without any options) JSHint errors and warnings to make the default behavior to be more safe for beginners.

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