CLI and NPM package for JSHint
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valueof Updating README with a deprecation notice.
All cool stuff is happening at jshint/jshint now. I copied documentation from this README in jshint/jshint@be8e56f.
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bin renamed bin file to get around weird symlink in tarball on mac May 10, 2011
lib There were failing lib/hint tests that needed to be fixed. Aug 30, 2012
packages Bumped JSHint to r12 Sep 25, 2012
tasks There are some lint errors that needed to be cleaned up. Aug 30, 2012
.gitignore `.gitignore` has an entry that is no longer relevant to the project. Aug 27, 2012
configure jake and jshint (global) npm packages are not installed via `configure`. Apr 30, 2012

ATTENTION: This project is obsolete.

This project is obsolete. It was merged into the main repository.