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v0.3.0 - 20/08/2011

  • added .jshintignore file support
  • added cli option to display non error data generated by jshint
  • jslint xml reporter exits process with appropriate status code

v0.2.3 - 22/06/2011

  • add bin and lib to "files" array
  • added "preferGlobal" to package.json
  • allowed comments in config files

v0.2.2 - 25/05/2011

  • fixed a problem that occurs when predef is defined in a project file but there is no homeconfig
  • bumped JSHint to 2011-04-16

v0.2.1 - 06/05/2011

  • fixed bug when either the $HOME/.jshintrc or the project specific .jshintrc is missing, neither is used
  • added the path to the executable for npm 1.0.x

v0.2.0 - 06/04/2011

  • added the ability for a project specific .jshintrc file (in the current working directory)
  • switched custom reporter to be module that exports a reporter function (instead of evaluating a file)
  • bumped JSHint to 2011-04-06

v0.1.9 - 29/03/2011

  • remove ./ from file name in jslint xml reporter

v0.1.8 - 27/03/2011

  • jshint already removes shebangs itself
  • added a jslint compatible xml output formatter option

v0.1.7 - 23/03/2011

  • fixed line number reporting being off by one when file has a shebang

v0.1.6 - 21/03/2011

  • removed bin property in package.json

v0.1.5 - 20/03/2011

  • exit process with appropriate status code after lint
  • use ~/.jshintrc as default options if available
  • added --version option

v0.1.4 - 01/03/2011

  • updated JSHint to 2011-03-01 edition (7c4d2acec850beceff8b)

v0.1.3 - 26/02/2011

  • enable require('jshint') when installed through npm
  • omitted "node-" prefix in cli and npm package name
  • bumped jshint to latest (b81e938959444dd2a9e2)

v0.1.2 - 24/02/2011

  • bumped jshint to latest (3b018b1e454d3917e33c)

v0.1.1 - 21/02/2011

  • reafactored portion of cli into hint module
  • switched to jasmine for tests
  • custom reporters

v0.1.0 - 20/02/2011

  • initial commit
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