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Added jshint-eclipse to available editor integration

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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ Note: If you are using npm v1.x be sure to install jshint locally (without the -
* [gedit-node-jshint]( - Simply use CTRL+J in gedit to run JSHint using `node-jshint`.
* [vim syntastic]( - Run node-jshint at each file save.
* [sublime-jshint]( - `F7` or `command-B` on any .js file. `F4` next error line,column. `shift-F4` previous error line,column.
+* [eclipse-jshint]( - Run node-jshint at each file save.
## Custom Reporters
Specify a custom reporter module (see example/reporter.js).

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