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Would it make sense to look for .jshintignore in the home path if not defined in the project directory? Similar to a .gitignore file?


Note: I am new to the tests here so let me know if mine needs revision.



I don't see any issue with having this behaviour as well (in my opinion). Let's add it!

Although, one thing: It looks like (with your implementation), if there is a project/.jshintignore file, then the ~/.jshintignore file is ignored completely, whereas with .jshintrc files, they will get merged together (with the project specific config taking precedence). Perhaps (for consistency) the behaviour should be the exact same?


Agreed. I'll update accordingly. Thanks!


Hey. not sure what the hell I just did here. Should I close this a create a new clean pull request.

I just posted a cleaned up pull request here. Apologies for the git bomb. ;)

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