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RE: #88

This change affects both .jshintrc and .jshintignore files. Now, starting with cwd, the script will search for a file with the name specified, and will traverse up one dir (..) until hitting the root.

For .jshintrc files, it will also check the $HOME directory before giving up.

Also, it should be noted that there is no longer a merge happening, it will stop with the first config file it finds.


brentlintner commented Mar 26, 2012

W00t! I'll take an in depth look ASAP! Apologies for delaying (have been busy). :-(

Would you also mind squashing the 3 commits into one (since the logging/verbose diffs should not really be seen)?

Also, if you want to be super nice, and update the README (where it needs it), that would be brilliant, if not I don't mind at all doing so after merging this in.


Sadly, I don't think I'm well-versed enough in Git to start rebasing. (I think that's what you're asking, right?)

I can certainly update the README, I'll take care of that for sure.

Dominic Barnes added some commits Mar 11, 2012

Dominic Barnes searching for .jshintrc starting with cwd, traversing up filesystem a…
…nd falling back on HOME, if available

attempting to work out resolving ignore rules

removing verbose mode and log
Dominic Barnes Updating README to reflect new config/ignore behavior 6abbd0d

On second thought, I went ahead and learned enough about rebase to combine those 3 commits. :)

I'm not sure how much you'll like my wording and other changes to the README, feel free to change it up.


brentlintner commented Mar 30, 2012

Thanks for the rebase! Although, one of your commits (I believe) have some of the old messages still there (below the first line), and also don't mention that it changes how .jshintignore is looked up as well. Mind tweaking that (I don't mind doing that myself if not)? :-)

I also noticed there are some failing cli tests (?). And there is a lint error for an unused var (via jake lint).

Thanks for the README update as well (looks great!).

Aside from that, it looks good (to me). If you could clean up those few things I mentioned, I will publish this ASAP!



I'm going to be blocked out for most of this evening and weekend, so don't wait on me. If I get some time and notice you haven't already done it, I'll take care of it asap.



brentlintner commented Apr 4, 2012

I got this. I plan to push and release today. :-)


brentlintner commented Apr 4, 2012

Published 0.6.0. Everything seems solid. Let me know if you see/have an issues.

See the commit history here:

Thanks again for the contribution!


niftylettuce commented May 18, 2012

Awesome work. Really awesome.

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