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-<li>You need a Kepler M6 Eclipse classic SDK with m2eclipse, m2e Tycho configurators and Eclipse 4 Tools installed.<br/>
+<li>You need a <a href="">Kepler (4.3) Eclipse classic SDK</a>.
+ <li>Start it, use <tt>Help > Install New Software...</tt> to install
+ <li>"m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse" from</li>
+ <li>"Eclipse 4 Core Tools" from</li>
+ <li>"Tycho Project Configurators" from</li>
+ <br/>
For your convenience, we provide <a href="../">pre-packaged zips/tarballs</a> with this installation in the root folder of the USB stick. </li>
<li>Copy and unpack the Eclipse SDK archive for your platform and start it.
<br/> NOTE: For the 64-bit versions you will need a 64-bit JVM installed</li>

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