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Puzzle game in which you have to destroy balls based on their color and place on the board
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The game has been created by, this repository is just a wrapper for Cozy deployment.

For anything about the game, please see the game repository.



a puzzle game in which you have to destroy balls to gain points and progress through as much levels as you can

Crazy blocks

  • Vectorial interface, scalled to fit any viewport size without any visual loss, optimized for portrait orientation
  • Multiple interaction options: keyboard, mouse & touch
  • Current game persistence: close your browser and resume your game when you return
  • Full off-line support

This game came out of my mind 20 years ago thanks to the great platform that were HP 48 calculators (I've had 3 of them). I loved playing Puzzle Bobble, Tetris and other casual game on my HP, but was also eager to develop my own game (a sily habit I have to develop games to discover new platforms/languages), and came with this idea of a kind of mashup of Puzzle Bobble and other games.

I never found a satisfying name for this game, so I now took "esviji", a word game on "SVG", the technology used for its development.

esviji is open source, under MIT licence, feel free to fork it on Github, make pull requests and open issues for bugs and improvement ideas.

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