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Compost Monitor


This sketch is for a device that measures temperature and humidity.

It uses the following products:

  1. Adafruit CC3000 Wifi Breakout & Shield
  2. sht10 Tempurature and Humidity Sensor

It is one part of a larger STEM lesson plan around composting and computer science.

See also the companion web application called weathervane and and 5 minute composting lesson.


Thanks to Adafruit and Jonathan Oxer for their libraries and examples, and Open Home Automations for their wifi-weather example.


Please feel free to improve the Compost Monitor Sketch, or any other part of the lesson plan.

Here are a few things I'd like to eventually add to do to the device, not just the sketch.

  • Use a power source that is not your computer
  • Use a sensor the can be submerged longer than an hour
  • Alternative ways besides Wifi network to send data
  • Design a case for the circuit
  • Find and use cheaper materials