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Deep Sea Adventure's scoring application to accurately track the oxygen supply

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Deep Sea Adventures - Scoring App

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This website is a scoring tool dedicated to the board game Deep Sea Adventure edited by Oink Games.

Its goal is to provide players a reliable way to compute the oxygen decrease during a round. It's meant to be used side by side with the board game, either on a mobile or computer.


I like board games, but dislike arguing with friends over a messy score count.

In Deep Sea Adventure, players dive into the deep ocean looking for treasures. All divers share the same oxygen tank, and each treasure picked up weighs down the diver and increases its oxygen intake. All divers must be back into the submarine before the oxygen tank becomes empty. More on the game's rules

It is therefore critical to accurately monitor the available oxygen.

However, experience shows that it can be difficult to accurately compute the available oxygen in a quick game setup, and that arguments over which player should have drowned tend to ruin the fun. This is where this Scoring App comes handy!

How To Use

1. Create New Game

2. Record action for each player

A player can choose to keep diving or go back to the surface. She can also add a treasure, leave one of hers, or do nothing.

It's now easy to follow the oxygen supply thanks to the progress bar at the bottom of the page 🌈

3. At the end of the round, record the score

4. After 3 rounds, crown a winner!


Built with Ruby, the framework Sinatra and Bootstrap. This project uses sessions and cookies storage in order to play a game without logging in users.

Setting it up on your own machine

Note: You'll need to have ruby version 2.6.5 installed on your computer.

Clone the repository:

git clone

Install the required gems:

bundle install

Run the app locally (on localhost:4567) with the following command:

ruby deep_sea.rb

Run the tests suite:

rake test

Possible Future Improvements

  • Add some client-side validations and error messages
  • Allow users to edit a previously submitted action
  • Allow users to customize the number of rounds for a game
  • Allow users to log in and save their games for future references


This project is the work of Juliette Sinibardy


Deep Sea Adventure's scoring application to accurately track the oxygen supply






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