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Dashboard for iPad

This application has just recently been rejected by Apple and now I am making it open source, so developers can install this on their iPad if they want.

Video Demo (3 different links, all the same video):

Inspired by Apple's Dashboard application for Mac, Dashboard for iPad has been completely rewritten for iPad. It brings the ability of running multiple mini-applications, widgets, to all iPad users. With access to any of the existing Dashboard widgets for Mac available to download right within this application, you can quickly add several fun and functional widgets to your Dashboard.


  • Max OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.x
  • Xcode 3.2.2
  • iPhone SDK 3.2


  • Runs existing Mac Dashboard widgets (see known issues below)
  • Drag widgets by press and hold on a widget (dragging multiple widgets supported)
  • Press and hold on widget icon to rearrange or remove. Press and hold again to exit edit mode
  • Download new widgets from Apple's website
  • Sync with iTunes

Known Issues

  • Not all of the widget object have been re-implemented
  • Native plugins are not supported
  • Widget transitions are buggy
  • No ripple animation
  • System calls are not supported (should give user warnings)
  • Drag icons into the top view should open up a new widget