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Shine Logo

Shine is a web-based dashboard for indie Mac developers. It's designed to manage payment and order processing with PayPal and generate and email license files to your users using the Aquatic Prime framework. It even uploads each revision of your app into Amazon S3 and can produce reports from your users' demographic info (gathered via Sparkle). It also serves as a central location to collect user feedback, bug reports, and support questions using the OpenFeedback framework.

This specific GitHub project is a complete rewrite of the previous version that was hosted on Google Code. Normally, I'm not an advocate of rewriting something that works, but in this case I felt it was needed. The original release (two years ago) was written in a very short period of time in a rush to release my first OS X application. This version uses an upgraded version of its PHP framework and is designed with future plans in mind.

Basic Usage

  1. Unzip the installation folder into a non obvious directory on your web root directory.
  2. Create a database, and import the mysql.sql file from the Shine folder.
  3. Create a user in the 'users' table.
  4. Rename /includes/class.config.sample.php to /includes/class.config.php and modify to suit your server settings.
  5. Done, visit the webpage and login.


This code is released under the MIT Open Source License. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.


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