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README.TXT for the Embedthis Ejscript Source Code.
Welcome to the Embedthis Ejscript distribution. Ejscript is an enhanced version
of the Javascript (ECMAScript) language. It is compact, fast and suitable for
use outside browsers.
Full documentation is available online at:
The latest version in binary and source forms can always be downloaded from:
Please read LICENSE.TXT or go to:
You have a variety of support choices for Embedthis Software products. You can
avail yourself of free support via our Online Forum. This is a community based
forum where users can share ideas and ask questions. You can also search the
forum for answers to past questions. To visit the Ejscript forum, go to:
You also have the option of purchasing support with the Embedthis Commercial
License. It includes paid support as part of the license benefits.
Ejscript is modularized into several key components. The source code for these
components are split into dedicated source directories. The key components are:
* src/mpr - Imported Embedthis Portable Runtime (MPR)
* src/vm - C Ejscript Virtual Machine
* src/compiler - Ejscript compiler
* src/types - Ejscript system types
* src/cmd - Ejscript commands (ejs, ec, ejsvm)
* src/ejsmod - Ejscript module tools
* src/java - Java Ejscript Virtual Machine (incomplete)
The key directories and files are:
Directory Purpose
include - Include headers
src - Source code to rebuild Ejscript
samples - Sample source code
bin - Directory holding generated libraries and executables
build - Configuration templates and build setup files
doc - Documentation
obj - Directory holding generated objects
projects - Visual Studio, Eclipse and Xcode project files
samples - Sampl programs
File Purpose
buildConfig.* - Configuration file generated by the configure program
configure - The configure utility
Makefile - Top level Makefile
.makedep - Generated makefile dependencies
Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Embedthis Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Embedthis and Ejscript are trademarks of Embedthis Software, LLC. Other
brands and their products are trademarks of their respective holders.
See LICENSE.TXT for software license details.
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