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Find file Copy path
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<arg name="gui" default="true" />
<include file="$(find jsk_perception)/sample/sample_label_image_decomposer.launch">
<arg name="gui" value="false" />
<node name="speak_when_label_found"
pkg="jsk_perception" type="">
<remap from="~input/image" to="image_publisher/output" />
<remap from="~input/label" to="grid_label/output" />
sound: false
- upper_left
<remap from="~label_names" to="label_image_decomposer_with_names/label_names" />
<group if="$(arg gui)">
<node name="rostopic_echo"
pkg="rostopic" type="rostopic"
args="echo /speak_when_label_found/output/string"
launch-prefix="xterm -e">
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