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Fix bug when parsing from non-seekable streams.
Latest commit 6ac38bf Jun 5, 2015

This repo was originally exported from, and represents the latest "legacy" version of protobuf-csharp-port.

This project has now been folded into the main Google Protocol Buffers project, and is being revamped to support proto3. It is not expected to be fully backwardly-compatible with the code in this repo - in particular, some of the C#-specific options may not be supported in the new codebase, and some of the generated code may differ. A new major version offers an opportunity to spring-clean, as it were.

This repo exists as an acknowledgement that not everyone will want to immediately use the newer codebase, and that they may wish to make changes to the legacy codebase. I do not expect to make any changes within this repo, but it can be forked for further changes.

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