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# This script takes two fpkm_tracking files, for male and female fruit files,
# and attempts to guess when an RNA read in one sex represents the same gene
# the other sex. More than one male read may be matched with the same female.
# The guesses are output as a .csv file.
require 'csv'
PATH = '/Users/john/Desktop/bioinformatic/merging/automerge/' # test
def open(s)
# Open an fpkm_tracking file. Function is run twice, with
# "M" and "F" as arguments, to open two files for comparison.
file = PATH+"mau12#{s}_mauPBref_genes.fpkm_tracking"
rnas = CSV.parse(file, headers: true, col_sep: "\t")
#rnas = rnas.drop(rnas.length-1000) # Subset of the lines, for testing
data ={|r| { # Take only needed data columns
contig: r['locus'].split('|')[0],
locus: r['locus'].split(':')[1],
fpkm: r['FPKM'],
id: r['gene_id']
return data
def overlap(a, b) # Calculate percent (decimal form) overlap of two RNAs
# Split up the locus strings into endpoints
a0, a1 = a.split('-').map{|n| n.to_i}
b0, b1 = b.split('-').map{|n| n.to_i}
# Discard if two RNAs have no overlap
(return 0.0) if ((a1 < b0) || (b1 < a0))
# Order the four endpoints of the two RNAs by locus
endpts = [a0, a1, b0, b1].sort!
# Return the ratio of the inner pair / outer pair of endpoints
return ((endpts[1] - endpts[2]).abs.to_f / (endpts[0] - endpts[3]).abs.to_f)
def match(item, list)
# Function used to find one RNA from a list of RNAs
# with the highest overlap with the RNA item to be matched.
rna_found, percent_max = nil, 0.0
for line in list
if (line[:contig] == item[:contig])
percent_found = overlap(line[:locus], item[:locus])
# 10% minimum overlap cutoff
if percent_found > 0.1
# If the overlap on this pass is higher than any overlap found previously...
if (percent_found > percent_max)
rna_found = line # ...then the current RNA is the best match so far...
percent_max = percent_found # ...and the max overlap found should be increased.
return rna_found # return an RNA or nil
def main
output, count = [], 0
m_reads, f_reads = open('M'), open('F') # Open two fpkm_tracking files
f_copy = f_reads.dup # Copy will keep track of unmatched female leads
# Iterate over each male RNA read and try to find the corresponding female read
m_reads.each do |m_read|
f_match = match(m_read, f_reads) # Returns a matching female RNA
if f_match
# Remove the match from the copy list so it's not added at the end
output << {m: m_read, f: f_match}
count += 1
output << {m: m_read, f: nil}
puts "Matched #{count} genes"
# Add unmatched female RNA reads to the output also
f_copy.each do |f_read|
output << {m: nil, f: f_read}
# Sort output rows by contig, then by locus numbers
output = output.sort_by do |r|
(r[:m] ? r[:m][:contig].gsub('Segkk','').to_i : r[:f][:contig].gsub('Segkk','').to_i),
(r[:m] ? r[:m][:locus].split('-')[0].to_i : r[:f][:locus].split('-')[0].to_i)
# Format output columns
lines = do |row|
row[:m] ? row[:m][:contig] : row[:f][:contig],
row[:m] ? row[:m][:id] : '',
row[:m] ? row[:m][:locus] : '',
row[:m] ? row[:m][:fpkm] : '',
row[:f] ? row[:f][:id] : '',
row[:f] ? row[:f][:locus] : '',
row[:f] ? row[:f][:fpkm] : '',
# Add header line
lines.unshift("contig,ID male,locus male,FPKM male,ID female,locus female,FPKM female")
# Write to output file
file = PATH+"mergedM&FmauWholeGenome.csv","w" )
file << lines.join("\n")
main # Execute the code
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