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use Rack::Static
app = proc do |env|
req =
lines = File.readlines("list.txt")
lines.unshift(req.params["new"]) if req.params["new"]
lines.delete_at(req.params["x"].to_i) if req.params["x"]"list.txt", 'w'){|f| f.puts lines} if req.params["new"] || req.params["x"]
page = "<!doctype html><html><body style=\"font-family:sans-serif;\"><form><input name=\"new\"> <input type=\"submit\" value=\"add\"></form><br/><table>#{{|t,i| "<tr><td>#{t.strip}</td><td><a href=\"?x=#{i}\">x</a></td></tr>"}.join}</table></body></html>"
[ 200, {'Content-Type' => 'text/html'}, [page] ]
run app
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