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A webring made to inspire recursers to build an online home and share traffic among each other.


Joining the webring

To join the webring:

  1. Place the RC icon linking to the webring on your site. You can use the line below:
<a href=''><img src=''/></a>
  1. Add your site to the sites.js file. The URL is the only thing which is required.
  2. Make a pull request to add your site to the central site. Please put a comment describing where you put the webring logo on your site.

What is a webring?

A webring is a collection of websites traditionally linked together by a circular structure. A website which is part of a webring will have an icon on its site linking either to the central webring or another site which is part of the ring.

Who can join the webring?

The webring is open to current participants and alumns of the Recurse Center The webring welcomes sites such as personal websites, blogs, wikis, or portfolios. The aforementioned are just examples: if your online home is something else please do still add yourself to the ring.

We discourage the additon of business sites or social media profiles.


This is an ongoing community project: if you want to contribute feel free to submit pull requests or contact Jonathan on Zulip.

Ideas for new features

  • Provide several ways of traversing the webring. Currently you can only traverse the ring in a circle-like pattern. Once at the central site you can click on one of the links or you can click the "random" button to visit a random page.
  • Find themes shared by ring sites by doing textual analysis / topic modelling. Then allow sorting of sites based on these on the central site.