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@jskorpan jskorpan Jonas Tärnström


    A boilerplate NPAPI plugin for OSX and Windows

    Updated Jun 3, 2010

    Python 7 12


    forked from toymachine/concurrence

    Concurrence is a framework for creating massively concurrent network applications in Python. It takes a Lightweight-tasks-with-message-passing approach to concurrency. The goal of Concurrence is to provide an easier programming model for writing high performance network applications than existing solutions (Multi-threading, Twisted, asyncore etc).

    Updated Mar 1, 2010


    forked from cgbystrom/netty-tools

    A collection of tools useful when working with JBoss Netty.

    Updated Feb 22, 2012


    Twitter fed YouTube player running, ideal for all kinds of parties. Including LAN parties!

    Updated May 7, 2013


    Experimental Ultra fast and portable Unicode string and utility library

    Updated Aug 21, 2011


    Experimental XML parsing library

    Updated Apr 6, 2012

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