A ruby library for the Beacon push REST API
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What is Dimma?

Dimma is a Ruby library aimed to create a simple interface to Beacons REST API, built on top of the sweet REST Client.

How do I use it?

Excellent question! This is how:

# Set up the session.
beacon = Dimma.new(API_KEY, SECRET_KEY)

# Send a message to all users in the default channel.
beacon.message "We now have a total of #{beacon.users} users online!"

# Send a message to all users in the “chunky” channel.
chunky = beacon.channel "chunky"
chunky.message "Chunky bacon!"
# Spit out all the channel users in the “chunky” channel.
chunky.message "Current users in “chunky” channel: #{chunky.users.map(&:name).join ', '}"

# Send a message to a specific user if she is online.
candy = beacon.user "godisnappen88"
candy.message 'A/S/L?' if candy.online?

Really? Yeah, really! For more advanced usage I suggest you read the documentation.

Yeah, yeah… and installing it?

There are several alternatives! Far easiest is if you are using Rubygems: gem install dimma.

If you are not I assume you know what you are doing.

Miscellaneous notes

  • Dimma uses Semantic Versioning as of version v1.0.0!
  • Dimma is completely rubygems agnostic — it assumes all required libraries are available, but does not care how.