Simulates a baby in a dangerous or helpful environment
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Baby Simulator

Simulates a baby in environments full of dangerous or helpful things.

Basic shoes app to demonstrate some meta-programming features of Ruby.

A baby roams around a square apartment containing things that can either help or hurt the baby. The demo app comes loaded with an environment containing bananas (helpful) and samurai swords (hurtful).

To run, download Shoes for your operating system and open the lib/baby_sim/baby_sim.rb file.

To configure the baby's environment, change the DSL in lib/baby_sim.rb in order to change object quantities or add other objects to the environment.


Please don't follow this code for best practices - it's being used in a talk about uses and abuses of meta-programming. It shouldn't be used as an example of good programming nor should it be used in any way for child-rearing. ;)