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Ruby from Clojure

This is a simple example of calling Ruby from Clojure. It contains a simple JRuby project and a Clojure project:

  • steel_city - a Ruby project that returns the speakers for the given day in the Steel City Ruby Conference 2012
  • speaker_selector - Returns a "top" speaker for the given day using a sophisticated algorithm (ie, random selection)


$ rake

=> (import com.steelcity.Schedule)
=> (top-speaker "Friday")
=> (top-speaker "Saturday")

How does this work?

For detailed instructions on how to get this working with your own Ruby code, have a look at the Rakefile

rake clean    # Remove build artifacts
rake compile  # Compile Ruby into Java bytecode
rake install  # Install and copy to Clojure project
rake run      # Start leiningen repl
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