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Simple setInterval manager

Copyright 2012 Eugene Poltorakov (

Licensed under the MIT License:

IntervalManager methods:

  • IntervalManger.add(name, callback, delay, options, scope) - create timer instance
  • IntervalManger.remove(name) - remove timer instance
  • IntervalManger.get(name) - return timer instance by its name
  • IntervalManger.getAll() - return objects with all existing timers
  • IntervalManger.stopAll() - stops all unlocked timers
  • IntervalManger.startAll() - starts all unlocked timers

Instance methods:

  • instance.start() - start instance
  • instance.stop() - stop instance
  • instance.lock() - lock instance (it's state couldn't be changed until unlock)
  • instance.unlock() - unlock instance