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jQuery Combobox plugin

Yet another combobox plugin. Were developed for my own purposes and successfully used in many projects.


  • works with jQuery 1.8+

Quick start

Three options are available:


Basic usage:

$('select').combobox([{options}], [{classes}]);



width and height

int Determines the width/height of the element. Defaults is false - width/height will depend on the width/height of the source element.


int Determines the element's button width (in px). Defaults is 15.

showSpeed and hideSpeed

mixed Speed of the show/hide animation effect. Defaults is fast.


bool If is true the selected element will he hidden from the dropdown list. By default is false.


int Maximum height of the dropdown list. Vertical scrollbar appears when list height is greater than this value. Defaults is false - no limit.


bool Enables hover feature. For performance reasons by default is false


string Set the "theme" prefix - it will be used in CSS classes for generated elements. Defaults is combo


function You can setup your own content filter; This callback accept name of the filter and the initial value; Than you should return this or modified value;

Supported filters:

  • selected - The text of the selected box.


List of default element's CSS classes suffixes and their default values.

  • wrapper - wrapper
  • focus - focus
  • disabled - disabled
  • multiple - multiple
  • button - button
  • group - group
  • groupLabel - group-label
  • list - list
  • selected - selected
  • itemHover - item-hover
  • itemActive - item-active
  • wrapHover - wrapper-hover
  • wrapActive - wrapper-active
  • listLong - list-long

The applyed css classes will be prepared from theme_name-suffix_name


You can bind several event handlers to the source (select) element, to catch some usefull events.

before_show and before_hide

Called before show/hide dropdown.


Combobox init event.


Called just before update the position of the dropdown. This even receive offset object, so you can easily change the dropdown position.

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