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Awesome Robotics Libraries

A curated list of robotics simulators and libraries.

Table of Contents


Free or Open Source
  • AI2-THOR - Python framework with a Unity backend, providing interaction, navigation, and manipulation support for household based robotic agents [github AI2-THOR]
  • AirSim - Simulator based on Unreal Engine for autonomous vehicles [github AirSim]
  • ARGoS - Physics-based simulator designed to simulate large-scale robot swarms [github ilpincy/argos3]
  • ARTE - Matlab toolbox focussed on robotic manipulators [github 4rtur1t0/ARTE]
  • CARLA - Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research [github carla-simulator/carla]
  • CoppeliaSim - Formaly V-REP. Virtual robot experimentation platform [github CoppeliaRobotics/CoppeliaSimLib]
  • Gazebo - Dynamic multi-robot simulator [github osrf/gazebo]
  • GraspIt! - Simulator for grasping research that can accommodate arbitrary hand and robot designs [github graspit]
  • Habitat-Sim - Simulation platform for research in embodied artificial intelligence [github facebookresearch/habitat-sim]
  • Hexapod Robot Simulator - Open-source hexapod robot inverse kinematics and gaits visualizer [github mithi/hexapod]
  • Ignition Gazebo - Open source robotics simulator [github ignitionrobotics/ign-gazebo]
  • Isaac - Nvidia's virtual simulator for robots
  • MORSE - Modular open robots simulation engine [github morse]
  • Neurorobotics Platform - Internet-accessible simulation of robots controlled by spiking neural networks [bitbucket]
  • PyBullet - An easy to use simulator for robotics and deep reinforcement learning [github bullet3]
  • Robot Gui - A three.js based 3D robot interface [github glumb/robot-gui]
  • Simbad - A Java 3D robot simulator, enables to write own robot controller with modifying environment using available sensors.
  • Unity - Popular game engine that now offers open-source tools, tutorials, and resources for robotics simulation [github Unity-Technologies/Unity-Robotics-Hub]
  • Webots - Robot simulator that provides a complete development environment [github omichel/webots]
  • AWS RoboMaker - Service that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale


Dynamics Simulation

⚠️ The following table is not complete. Please feel free to report if you find something incorrect or missing.

Name Models Features Languages Licenses Code Popularity
ARCSim soft C++
Bullet rigid, soft ik, id, urdf, sdf C++, Python Zlib github bullet3
CHRONO::ENGINE rigid, soft, granular, fluid ik, urdf C++, Python BSD-3-Clause github chrono
DART rigid, soft ik, id, plan, urdf, sdf C++, Python BSD-2-Clause github dart
Drake rigid, aero, fluid ik, trj-opt, plan C++, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github drake
Flex rigid, soft, particle, fluid C++ github NVIDIAGameWorks/FleX
FROST rigid MATLAB BSD-3-Clause github ayonga/frost-dev
IBDS rigid, particle C++ Zlib
idyntree rigid id C++, Python, Matlab, Lua LGPL-2.1 github idyntree
KDL rigid ik C++ LGPL-2.1 github orocos_kinematics_dynamics
kindr rigid (todo) C++, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github kindr
Klampt (todo) (todo) C++, Python BSD-3-Clause github Klampt
LibrePilot uav, vehicles (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 bitbucket, github LibrePilot
MARS (todo) (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github mars
MBDyn (todo) (todo) C++ GPL-2.1 download
MBSim (todo) (todo) C++ (not specified) github mbsim-env/mbsim
MBSlib (todo) (todo) C++ LGPL-3.0 github mbslib
metapod (todo) (todo) C++ LGPL-3.0 github metapod
Moby rigid id C++ GPL-2.0 github Moby
mrpt vehicle slam, cv C++, Python, Matlab BSD-3-Clause github mrpt
MuJoCo (todo) id C++, Python licenses closed source
mvsim vehicle (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 github ual-arm-ros-pkg/mvsim
Newton Dynamics (todo) (todo) C++ Zlib github newton-dynamics
nphysics (todo) (todo) Rust BSD-3-Clause github sebcrozet/nphysics
ODE rigid C++ LGPL-2.1 or BSD-3-Clause bitbucket
OpenRAVE (todo) (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github openrave
pinocchio rigid ik, id, urdf, analytical derivatives, code generation C++, Python BSD-2-Clause github pinocchio
PositionBasedDynamics (todo) (todo) C++ MIT github PositionBasedDynamics
PhysX (todo) (todo) C++ unknown github NVIDIAGameWorks/PhysX
PyDy (todo) (todo) Python BSD-3-Clause github pydy
RBDL rigid ik,id,urdf C++, Python Zlib github rbdl
RBDyn rigid (todo) C++, Python LGPL-3.0 github RBDyn
RaiSim (todo) (todo) C++ custom github leggedrobotics/raisimLib
ReactPhysics3d (todo) (todo) C++ Zlib github reactphysics3d
RigidBodyDynamics.jl rigid (todo) Julia MIT "Expat" github RigidBodyDynamics.jl
Rigs of Rods rigid, soft, vehicle (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 github RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods
Robopy (todo) (todo) Python 3 MIT github adityadua24/robopy
Robotics Library (todo) (todo) C++ GPL-3.0 or BSD-2-Clause github rl
RobWork (todo) (todo) C++ Apache-2.0 gitlab
siconos (todo) (todo) C++, Python Apache-2.0 github siconos
Simbody rigid, molecules id, urdf C++ Apache-2.0 github simbody
SOFA rigid, soft, medical (todo) C++ LGPL-2.1 github sofa
Tiny Differentiable Simulator rigid (todo) C++, Python Apache-2.0 github google-research/tiny-differentiable-simulator
trep rigid dm, trj-opt C, Python GPL-3.0 github trep
qu3e rigid - C++ Zlib github qu3e

For simplicity, shortened names are used to represent the supported models and features as

  • Supported Models

    • rigid: rigid bodies
    • soft: soft bodies
    • aero: aerodynamics
    • granular: granular materials (like sand)
    • fluid: fluid dynamics
    • vehicles
    • uav: unmanned aerial vehicles (like drones)
    • medical
    • molecules
    • parallel: parallel mechanism (like Stewart platform)
  • Features on Simulation, Analysis, Planning, Control Design

Inverse Kinematics

  • IKBT - A python package to solve robot arm inverse kinematics in symbolic form [github uw-biorobotics/IKBT]
  • RelaxedIK - Real-time Synthesis of Accurate and Feasible Robot Arm Motion [github uwgraphics/relaxed_ik]
  • Trip - A python package that solves inverse kinematics of parallel-, serial- or hybrid-robots [github TriPed-Robot/TriP]

Machine Learning

  • AllenAct - Python/PyTorch-based Research Framework for Embodied AI [github wichtounet/dll]
  • DLL - Deep Learning Library (DLL) for C++ [github wichtounet/dll]
  • DyNet - The Dynamic Neural Network Toolkit [github clab/dynet]
  • Fido - Lightweight C++ machine learning library for embedded electronics and robotics [github FidoProject/Fido]
  • MiniDNN - A header-only C++ library for deep neural networks [github yixuan/MiniDNN]
  • mlpack - Scalable C++ machine learning library [github mlpack/mlpack]
  • OpenAI Gym - Developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms [github gym]
  • RLLib - Temporal-difference learning algorithms in reinforcement learning [github samindaa/RLLib]
  • tiny-dnn - Header only, dependency-free deep learning framework in C++14 [github tiny-dnn/tiny-dnn]

Motion Planning and Control

  • AIKIDO - Solving robotic motion planning and decision making problems. [github aikido]
  • CuiKSuite - Applications to solve position analysis and path planning problems
  • Control Toolbox - Open-Source C++ Library for Robotics, Optimal and Model Predictive Control [github ethz-adrl/control-toolbox]
  • Crocoddyl - Optimal control library for robot control under contact sequence [github loco-3d/crocoddyl]
  • GPMP2 - Gaussian Process Motion Planner 2 [github gtrll/gpmp2]
  • HPP - Path planning for kinematic chains in environments cluttered with obstacles [github]
  • MoveIt! - Motion planning framework [github moveit]
  • OMPL - Open motion planning library [bitbucket, github ompl]
  • OCS2 - Efficient continuous and discrete time optimal control implementation [bitbucket]
  • pymanoid - Humanoid robotics prototyping environment based on OpenRAVE [github stephane-caron/pymanoid]
  • ROS Behavior Tree - [github miccol/ROS-Behavior-Tree]
  • Ruckig - Real-time, time-optimal and jerk-constrained online trajectory generation. [github ruckig]
  • The Kautham Project - A robot simulation toolkit for motion planning [github kautham]
  • TOPP-RA - Time-parameterizing robot trajectories subject to kinematic and dynamic constraints [github hungpham2511/toppra]
Motion Optimizer
  • TopiCo - Time-optimal Trajectory Generation and Control [github AIS-Bonn/TopiCo]
  • towr - A light-weight, Eigen-based C++ library for trajectory optimization for legged robots [github ethz-adrl/towr]
  • TrajectoryOptimization - A fast trajectory optimization library written in Julia [github RoboticExplorationLab/TrajectoryOptimization.jl]
  • trajopt - Framework for generating robot trajectories by local optimization [github joschu/trajopt]
Nearest Neighbor
3D Mapping
  • libpointmatcher - Iterative Closest Point library for 2-D/3-D mapping in Robotics [github ethz-asl/libpointmatcher]
  • Octree - Fast radius neighbor search with an Octree [github jbehley/octree]
  • OctoMap - Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework Based on Octrees [github octomap]
  • PCL - 2D/3D image and point cloud processing [github PointCloudLibrary/pcl]
  • Treexy - Brutally fast, sparse, 3D Voxel Grid [github Treexy]
  • voxblox - Flexible voxel-based mapping focusing on truncated and Euclidean signed distance fields [github voxblox]
  • Utility Software
    • Goxel - Free and open source 3D voxel editor [github guillaumechereau/goxel]


  • CasADi - Symbolic framework for algorithmic differentiation and numeric optimization [github casadi]
  • Ceres Solver - Large scale nonlinear optimization library [github ceres-solver]
  • eigen-qld - Interface to use the QLD QP solver with the Eigen3 library [github jrl-umi3218/eigen-qld]
  • EXOTica - Generic optimisation toolset for robotics platforms [github ipab-slmc/exotica]
  • hpipm - High-performance interior-point-method QP solvers (Ipopt, Snopt) [github giaf/hpipm]
  • HYPRE - Parallel solvers for sparse linear systems featuring multigrid methods [github hypre-space/hypre]
  • ifopt - An Eigen-based, light-weight C++ Interface to Nonlinear Programming Solvers (Ipopt, Snopt) [github ifopt]
  • Ipopt - Large scale nonlinear optimization library [github Ipopt]
  • libcmaes - Blackbox stochastic optimization using the CMA-ES algorithm [github beniz/libcmaes]
  • limbo - Gaussian processes and Bayesian optimization of black-box functions [github resibots/limbo]
  • lpsolvers - Linear Programming solvers in Python with a unified API [github lpsolvers]
  • NLopt - Nonlinear optimization [github nlopt]
  • OptimLib - Lightweight C++ library of numerical optimization methods for nonlinear functions [github kthohr/optim]
  • OSQP - The Operator Splitting QP Solver [github osqp/osqp]
  • Pagmo - Scientific library for massively parallel optimization [github esa/pagmo2]
  • pymoo - Multi-objective Optimization in Python [github msu-coinlab/pymoo]
  • qpsolvers - Quadratic Programming solvers in Python with a unified API [github qpsolvers]
  • RobOptim - Numerical Optimization for Robotics. [github roboptim/roboptim-core]
  • SCS - Numerical optimization for solving large-scale convex cone problems [github scs]
  • sferes2 - Evolutionary computation [github sferes2/sferes2]

Robot Modeling

Robot Model Description Format
  • SDF - XML format that describes objects and environments for robot simulators, visualization, and control (bitbucket)
  • urdf - XML format for representing a robot model [github ros/urdfdom]
Utility to Build Robot Models
  • phobos - Add-on for Blender creating URDF and SMURF robot models [github phobos]

Robot Platform

  • AutoRally - High-performance testbed for advanced perception and control research [github autorally/autorally]
  • Linorobot - ROS compatible ground robots [github linorobot/linorobot]
  • Rock - Software framework for robotic systems
  • ROS - Flexible framework for writing robot software [github repos]
  • ROS 2 - Version 2.0 of the Robot Operating System (ROS) software stack [github repos]
  • YARP - Communication and device interfaces applicable from humanoids to embedded devices [github robotology/yarp]


  • AprilSAM - Real-time smoothing and mapping [github xipengwang/AprilSAM]
  • Cartographer - Real-time SLAM in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations [github cartographer]
  • DSO - Novel direct and sparse formulation for Visual Odometry [github dso]
  • ElasticFusion - Real-time dense visual SLAM system [github ElasticFusion]
  • fiducials - Simultaneous localization and mapping using fiducial markers [github UbiquityRobotics/fiducials]
  • GTSAM - Smoothing and mapping (SAM) in robotics and vision [github borglab/gtsam]
  • Kintinuous - Real-time large scale dense visual SLAM system [github Kintinuous]
  • LSD-SLAM - Real-time monocular SLAM [github lsdslam]
  • ORB-SLAM2 - Real-time SLAM library for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D cameras [github ORB_SLAM2]
  • RTAP-Map - RGB-D Graph SLAM approach based on a global Bayesian loop closure detector [github introlab/rtabmap]
  • SRBA - Solving SLAM/BA in relative coordinates with flexibility for different submapping strategies [github srba]

SLAM Dataset




  • Kratos - Framework for building parallel multi-disciplinary simulation software [github KratosMultiphysics/Kratos]


  • Fastor - Light-weight high performance tensor algebra framework in C++11/14/17 [github romeric/Fastor]
  • linalg.h - Single header public domain linear algebra library for C++11 [github sgorsten/linalg]
  • manif - Small c++11 header-only library for Lie theory. [github artivis/manif]
  • Sophus - Lie groups using Eigen [github strasdat/Sophus]
  • SpaceVelAlg - Spatial vector algebra with the Eigen3 [github jrl-umi3218/SpaceVecAlg]


  • fuse - General architecture for performing sensor fusion live on a robot [github locusrobotics/fuse]

Other Awesome Lists


Contributions are very welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines first. Also, please feel free to report any error.