A streaming IRC client library inspired by node-irc
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This module is not ready. We advice you not to use this library before we have made our first npm release.


Connects to an IRC server and joins channel #test. As you can see, the join callback returns a channel stream object that can be used to send and receive messages. This is done via the built-in middleware message-stream. If you .disable('message-stream') the callback won't receive anything and you have to use the raw events emitted by client.

var IRC = require('irc-stream');

var client = new IRC()
  .set('address', 'irc.example.com')
  .set('nick', 'streamBot')
  .use('logger') // Simple default logger that logs irc data to console.
  .use('ctcp')   // CTCP middleware that handles e.g. VERSION and ACTION.
  .connect(function () {
    client.join('#test', function (ch) {
      // Pipe ALL THE THINGS!
        // If you want to prettify your output, you should use a formatter 
        // stream to convert the object to a string. See ./example/bot.js


To contribute to our library you must understand our design principles for the library:

  • The core should be very light and modules (or middlewares) handle all the special things.
    • the message-stream module will handle commands related to channels (and queries).
    • The ctcp a module that handles CTCP, PRIVMSG and NOTICE special cases.
  • The core only connects, quits, disconnects and loads middleware (modules).

This way, it is easy to add tests for each module and if people don't like the flood-protection, they can easily disable it and make their own, or if they don't need to handle CTCP they can just disable the ctcp middleware for a lighter experience. People can also easily add their on behavior to the library with custom middleware.

We try to follow the Google Javascript Style Guide.


MIT :-)