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This list (up to meeting 524b) was compiled from the original minutes
by Paul Taylor, September 1981.  It was scanned, edited and extended
by Joseph Myers, November 2002 onwards; the list up to 1981 is
reproduced from that in the front of the minutes book in REC.11.10 in
the Wren Library by permission of Paul Taylor and the Wren Library.

The main list is meetings.xml; speakers.xml provides links to
additional information about speakers (currently a few Wikipedia
links, only for a small subset of the notable speakers).
supports some processing of the list such as counting the numbers of
talks by each speaker and generating an HTML version of the list of
meetings.  The old/ directory contains transcripts of Paul Taylor's
original lists, and a reformatted version of his list of talks, and a
version of the list up to 2003 as provided to the Wren Library at that
time, and the list in the form it had immediately before conversion
from a fixed-width text format to XML as the master version of the
list, and an old (2002/3) Perl script parselist that was used for
processing that version of the list.

Meeting numbers and page numbers in the minutes were last obtained
from the Secretary for 2003-4.  Thus, subsequent meeting numbers
should be considered provisional and subject to correction to match
the actual numbers used in the minutes of subsequent meetings, and
page numbers for meetings from 2004-5 onwards (and audience figures
for those meetings where available) need to be obtained from the
Secretary and added to the list.


List of Trinity Mathematical Society meetings, originally created by Paul Taylor



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