SDK for building installable node-webkit applications
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node-webkit SDK

SDK for building installable node-webkit applications.

This is a set of tools to build cross-platform (currently Windows, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit) applications.

You need to install Apache Ant to work with this SDK.



git clone git://
cd node-webkit-sdk
ant sdk

Patience! It will download latest releases of node-webkit for all platforms and installjammer.

Note: if you need another version of node-webkit, you may
specify `-Dnw-version=X.Y.Z` option with `ant sdk`.

Create first project:

ant create -Dtemplate=default -Ddir=/home/user/project1
cd /home/user/project1


The following commands are run from your project's directory.

View project help:


Pack all and create installers (the only command you will need):

ant dist.all

Create installer for 32-bit Linux:

ant dist.l32

Create installer for 64-bit Linux:

ant dist.l64

Create installer for Windows:


Pack only nw-package:

ant app.nw

Pack binaries for 32-bit Linux:

ant bin.l32

Pack binaries for 64-bit Linux:

ant bin.l64

Pack binaries for Windows:


Pack binaries for all platforms:

ant bin.all

Configure installjammer project (will open InstallJammer UI):

ant distconf.l32    #for linux 32bit
ant distconf.l64    #for linux 64bit
ant    #for windows