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Version 1.2 - May 13th, 2009
- Fixed some CSS rules in the packaged stylesheet so that days from other
months and the current date are styled the way they were intended.
- Reorganized the repository a bit and added an example to the downloadable
- Added some release packaging scripts to ease distribution of new releases.
- Fixed the display of days from other months in the default CSS. Thanks to
Corie Slate for reporting this issue.
- Fixed a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 8. Thanks to Gabriel
Engel for this fix.
Version 1.1 - October 19th, 2008
- Upgraded to Prototype 1.6 and cleaned up code to take full advantage of its
new API features.
- Removed our dependency on Builder from, as Prototype 1.6
has its own DOM Builder now.
- Fixed a bug where navigating through months of the calendar would display
the wrong year when you reached December. Thanks to Dirk Koritnik for the
fix and for everyone who reported the issue.
Version 1.0 - March 12th, 2007
- Initial release