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@@ -15,77 +15,13 @@ Why?
+To build JSMESS, check out the [Prerequisites and Dependencies](
+page and the [Building]( page.
-### Prerequisites ###
-* [LLVM and Clang 3.1](
- Emscripten uses these to work its magic. As this is the latest version of LLVM
- and Clang, chances are you will need to compile it from scratch.
- Too lazy to read the LLVM build instructions? Make sure you have ```g++```
- installed (not just ```gcc```!) and run these commands:
- ```
- wget
- wget
- tar xf llvm-3.1.src.tar.gz
- cd llvm-3.1.src/tools
- tar xf ../../clang-3.1.src.tar.gz
- mv clang-3.1.src clang
- cd ..
- ./configure
- make
- sudo make install
- ```
-* [Node.js](
- You can usually install this from your platform's package repository, e.g.:
- ```
- sudo apt-get install nodejs
- ```
-* ColecoVision BIOS and Cosmo Fighter 2
- The ColecoVision BIOS should be in the ```bin``` directory with the filename
- ``````, and Cosmo Fighter 2 should be in the ```bin``` directory
- with the filename ``````. For legal reasons, we do not
- distribute these with JSMESS.
- [You can probably find them on your own, though.](
- To try out other games, try changing the hardcoded data in ```makefile```.
-* Set Up Emscripten
- First, because ```git``` is stupid, run this command to grab the emscripten
- sources:
- ```git submodule update --init --recursive```
- Then, test out ```emcc```:
- ```
- cd third_party/emscripten
- ./emcc
- ```
- Edit ```~/.emscripten``` to point to your LLVM installation and Emscripten
- directory.
-* Java
- Java is required to run the Closure compiler.
-#### MAME / MESS Dependencies ####
-* libsdl
-* libsdl_ttf
-### Building ###
-1. Run ```make```. Go out for a walk; it'll take a bit.
-2. It'll produce a JavaScript file, which can be embedded into an existing JSMESS ColecoVision webpage. We're working on getting it to produce an HTML file. Stay tuned!
+Status of JSMESS
+You can check out the status of JSMESS here:
Relevant Links
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ GAME_NAME := $(patsubst,%,$(GAME))
HTML_OUTPUT := index.html
# Final directory for built files.
# The HTML template we'll be using.
# All of the files in the template directory. Allows for 'smart' HTML rebuilding
@@ -23,23 +23,6 @@ <h1 style="text-align: center;">MESS in a browser!</h1>
<div id='status' style="display:block;"></div>
<div id='output' style="display:block;"></div>
- <hr>
- <b>What exactly am I looking at?</b><p>
- You are looking at a javascript version of the <a href="">MESS emulator</a>, a program that emulates hundreds of machine types and will, eventually, be capable of running most known computer software programs. What you see here (and if you don't see anything, we apologize) is a Colecovision emulator running the homebrew Colecovision cartridge "<a href="">Cosmo Fighter 2</a>", in demo mode.
- <p>
- <b>Why can't I...</b>
- <p>
- Do anything? Run other stuff? Mostly, it's because we're using this to work out the bugs, and things like keyboard input, speed, and running other computer/console architectures are not currently enabled. We hope to get that working soon. We chose Cosmo Fighter 2 because it activates a demo mode and actually scrolls through things.
- <p>
- <b>Seriously, I don't see anything.</b>
- <p>
- This definitely works in the latest Google Chrome browser, and probably in any browser that supports javascript typed arrays (though there are known performance / crash issues with Firefox at the moment). Note that we're <i>not</i> using the NaCL (Native Client) application that Google Chrome uses - this is mostly related to how different browsers handle this amount of Javascript.
- <p>It also has been shown to work in very, very new version of Apple's Safari browser. It also sort of works in some late version of FireFox, but the memory usage is currently henious beyond belief (and being worked on). Opera is able to sort of run it, but it's slow and problematic.
- <p>The plan, naturally, is to work in most if not all modern browsers that reasonably implement Javascript and HTML5. We'll keep it updated. If you find it works on your browser, <a href="">let us know</a>.
- <p>
- <b>How did you...</b>
- <p>
- Multiple people have worked for months to port MESS to Javascript, and we still have a long way to go, but it was time to share. Huge thanks to Justin de Vesine, Alon Zakai, and Justin Kerk.
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ var Module = {
data = dataArray;
- FS.createDataFile('/', gamename, data, true, false);
+ FS.createDataFile('/', gamename, data, true, false);
try {
if ("undefined" !== typeof removeRunDependency) {

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