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Hey, this page is super deprecated, now. See JSMESS v1.0 Systems instead.

This page document's JSMESS's status. What works? What doesn't? That kind of thing.

System Status

This table should be a good indication of JSMESS's status. The "MESS Status" column specifies how well the system operates in MESS natively (not in the browser) on the version of MESS we are currently using for JSMESS.

Test results are from nintendud's computer, which is a 4 core Core i7-2600K clocked at 3.4GHz running Windows 8. It is likely that your performance will be constrained by your computer's clock speed, as JavaScript is single threaded.

If you know of a recent web browser for Windows that uses Webkit's JavaScript engine, JavaScriptCore, please let me know! Safari for Windows was discontinued. :-(

System MESS Status JSMESS Status Performance in Various Browsers Demo Comments
Chrome IE10 Firefox Opera
Amstrad CPC464 (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Apple 2C Works Works Demo
Atari 2600 Works Works 25% 15% 7% 17% Demo Sound only in Firefox, which may explain its slowness.
Atari 800 Some games work; sound works... Works N/A N/A N/A N/A Demo Apparently two of the required BIOS files do not have a good dump available. Also, going into the "Input Options (this system)" menu options crashes the emulator natively...
BBC Micro Model B (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Channel F Works Works 85% 100% 80% N/A Demo Opera claims that some array member called as a function is not a function, so it does not run the emulator (probably needs to be recompiled). Sound only works in Firefox.
Colecovision Works Works 65% 100% 70% 50% Link Sound only works in Firefox.
Radio Shack Color Computer (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Commodore 64 Appears to work properly Works Demo
Game Boy (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Genesis (canonical: OK) Works Demo Not yet started.
Homebrew Z80 Computer (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Intellivision (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
KIM-1 (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Macintosh Plus (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Odyssey 2 Works Works Link Can't determine % since it captures the keyboard; IE appears to be 100% again, others 80% or less. Sound only in Firefox.
Osborne-1 (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
Tandy 1000hx (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
ZX-80 (canonical: OK) Not yet started.
IBM5150 Appears to work Works Demo Takes 20 minutes to boot
Commodore PET 2001 Appears to work; no sound. Works Demo
TI-99/4 Works Works Demo Captures keyboard, can't get %; sound only works in Firefox. IE10 appears to be 100%.
TRS80 Works Works Demo I couldn't find many things that worked in it (MESS floppy drive emulation issue). :(