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Using fancy buttons on your site?

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Without CSS gradient support:


Install the plugin:

sudo gem install fancy-buttons

If you don't have compass colors 0.3.1

sudo gem install compass-colors

To create a new project based on fancy-buttons:

compass -r compass-colors -r fancy-buttons -f fancy-buttons your_project_name

To add fancy-buttons to an existing compass project:

# Add the following lines to your compass configuration file:
require 'compass-colors'
require 'fancy-buttons'

# Then run the following command:
compass -i -f fancy-buttons

Project Goals:

  • Generate a color palette from the base color
  • Discern sensible palette variations based on a base color (dark, medium, light)
  • Allow button style types (subtle gradient, shiny gradient)
  • Make it easy to override/modify styles
  • Reduce weight of generated styles (define button base, add color through additional classes)
  • Create good defaults
  • Ensure approximate consistency for browsers that don't support CSS gradients
  • Style the button element
  • Provide a decent alternative styling for ie6
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