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This app is a small server to act as a GitHub Post-Receive hook to close tickets 
in GoPlan projects.

Hook will live at

I took inspiration from Github's own awsome Post-Receive service

This very simple hook looks for a pattern in commit messages:

		[Closes #ticket_number]

Current behavior closes the referred ticket and adds a comment like so:


GoPlan API uses OAuth to handle authentication.
Register an application with GoPlan to obtain consumer key and secret.

Before deploying the app run goplan-auth to create a goplan.yml file with your credentials.

Template for goplan.yml file is as follows:

It might look too much for just the given task, but I decided to take advantage of the
modular structure of github-services in case I wanted to add more web hooks to 
interact with other areas of GoPlan projects (Discussions, Tasks, Time Tracking),
and handling different kinds of payloads from different services.

You need:
- sinatra
- oauth
- json