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A .NET ETL library.

Build status


  • Uses the Task Parallel Library for asynchronous workflows
  • Data flows built using Linq
  • More code less clicks


This post explains things pretty well:

Release Notes

Deeply 0.5.0-alpha

This release primarily adds a new assembly - Deeply.Extras which contains a number of useful additions such as CsvBulkRepository. This is a separate assembly as there are additional dependencies which some might not want to take on.

Deeply 0.3.0-alpha

Added support for the following task types:

  • Action and Async Action tasks
  • Resource Scope aids in providing automated clean-up of disposables

There are a couple of useful helpers available in the accompanying AdventureWorks sample:

  • DeeplyRegistrationModule demonstrates how to use Autofac as a DI container
  • SimpleDataflowBuilder is a fluent builder pattern for creating data flows whilst correctly managing resource hand-off and disposal during creation

Deeply 0.2.0-alpha

Added support for the following task types:

  • Execute SQL
  • Execute Process
  • Simple Dataflow

This last one is designed to cover a common case where you have a stream of data that is mapped into a target entity type before begin pushed into a database via bulk copy. The mapping function can be as simple or complex as required.

Deeply 0.1.0-alpha

So far only the sequential and parallel task workflow components are complete along with the ability to execute SQL statements.

Future Plans

I only plan on adding features that are commonly useful since this is a library and you can add anything missing.

The basic set of tasks available are able to perform useful tasks so I'm going to set about building an importer for AdventureWorks and see how things go before deciding on more features.

Getting Started

  • Add Deeply from
  • Look at the unit tests here on Github for some examples

Don't use this in production code just yet.

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