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A website for my professional profile (JAMstack, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, Vue.js)
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Turning my resume into a profile and making it more interesting.

I've created this site for 2 reasons:

  1. I'm sick of having a boring word document resume that looks like everyone else's. So this site.
  2. I've open sources the site on GitHub to also demonstact capability (i.e. it's a portfolio item).


8 February 2020

  • Site is still under development. Most of the technical design has been sorted out. There are some issues with responsiveness, mobile design, and UX that I need to work on. I'm chipping away at it. I'm taking a progressive MVP approach to this site: developing, testing and ticking things off one at a time. Content development is just starting. I'm planning on having the first version finished in the next 2 days. There will be more work after that, but "adapt and release fast" is my aim on this particular site.

I've taken a "progressive" approach to building the site. Start simple. Solve specific problems. Combine and upgrade.

Technical Details

Made with:

  • JAMstack
  • HTML
  • JavaScript (including ES2015+)
  • Vue.js 2.x
  • webpack
  • Babel

Hosted on Netlify.

Live Site

Running at

Also check out my main website/blog at

Enhancements List

13 February 2020:

  • Left/right swipe on pages for mobile devices.
  • Adaptive width of slide out menu on smaller screens.
  • A "simplified" view for mobile/small screen devices. Remove wasted space, borders, etc.
  • Add Vue Router and assign each page to a route. Need to figure out how to keep the page transition animation while navigating.

Development Environment Setup

To use this project, download or Clone from GitHub to a folder on your computer, then follow these steps:

  1. Install Node Package Manager (npm). It comes with Node.js, so download and install Node (
  2. If you already have Node installed, make sure your running the latest version. Older versions may throw errors when running "npm install" (see step 4).
  3. Open a command-line/terminal window and browser. Set your location to the root folder of this project.
  4. Run "npm install". Dependency packages defined in package.js will be downloaded and installed into a "node_modules" folder. This will take some time.
  5. Run "npm run watch". The webpack watcher process will run which will watch for file changes and create new build files in a "dist" folder. The first time you run "watch" it will generate the "dist" folder and perform a build.
  6. Start your site and it should all work.

How you run the site is up to you. I work in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and have the "Live Server" extension by Ritwich Dey installed (Extension ID: ritwickdey.liveserver). Running that will start a web server within VS Code and launch the site.

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