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Parcel.js Sample Project

For the Parcel project at

I just discovered this today (11 Feb 2020) and had this sample project up and running in 5 minutes (including typos).

Seriously worth considering from front-end development as an alternative to the bloat of webpack.

Setup Instructions

It's super simple:

  1. Run `npm init -y` to setup Node Package Manager and create the packages.json file.
  2. Run `npm install parcel --save-dev` to install parcel locally. This is a better option than global because you're kind of self-documenting the dependency in packages.json for other project developers.
  3. Create your site code code that need to compile.
  4. Run `parcel server src/index.html` from the terminal. Nope, that doesn't work when installed locally. So go to the next step
  5. So add the "dev" and "test" scripts you'll see in the package.json file. Then you just need to run `npm run dev` in development to build the site and setup the local server. Everything gets bundled into a new "dist" folder.


If you read the documentation you'll see both "parcel" and "parcel-bundler" packages references. Wondering what the difference is? Me too. I searched "npm install parcel-bundler vs parcel" and come across

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