jQuery plugin that does Google Earth searching using the Google Maps v3 Geo Coding API.
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Google Earth Search jQuery Plugin

This plugin enables geo-coded searches in the Google Earth browser plugin using the google maps v3 geo coding API.

The Google Earth and Google Maps v3 APIs must be loaded for this plugin to work.

All HTML elements related to the search (i.e. text input, buttons, etc) should share the same class. Use that class to initialize the jQuery.geSearch plugin.

The plugin will attempt to discover the text input and the submit buttons automatically. If no search text is found then an error will be thrown. Valid search text fields are input[type=text] or input[type=search]. If more than one search field exists in the set then only the first will be used.

<input type="search" class="ge-search" placeholder="Search Earth!">
<input type="button" class="ge-search" value="Search">

<div id="gePlugin" style="width:600px; height:450px;"></div>

<script src="//www.google.com/jsapi?key=your_key_here"></script>

  google.load("earth", "1");
  google.load("maps", "3", {other_params:"sensor=true"});

  google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
    google.earth.createInstance('gePlugin', function(instance){



query String: The address/location to search for

performSearch Boolean: Perform a search immediately if query is provided, default true

gePlugin GEPlugin: The Google Earth plugin instance to use. If not provided as an option then the search will attempt to use GeSearch.gePlugin, then window.gePlugin. If no plugin is found an exception will be raised.

onResults function(results, status): Event handler for google.maps.Geocoder.geocode() function. If not provided as an option then GeSearch.onResults will be used. Within this handler, this refers to the current GeSearch instance. By default this function will call gotoResult using the first result or notifyNoResults if nothing is found.

gotoResult function(geocoderResult): Takes a google.maps.GeocoderResult object and causes the map to fly to that location. If not provided as an option then GeSearch.gotoResults will be used.

notifyZeroResults function: Flashes a message reading "Nothing found". If not provided as an option then GeSearch.notifyZeroResults will be used.

Search API

All of the heavy lifting for geo-coded searching is done by the GeSearch class. To perform a search you can instantiate a new GeSearch object while passing in the string you wish to search for.

new GeSearch("Boulder, CO");

If you do not wish to search immediately you can send in the option performSearch as false. Then you can call the search function to perform the search at any time.

var gs = new GeSearch("Boulder, CO", false);

The GeSearch class takes the same options as the jQuery plugin above. You can also overwrite the functions of the GeSearch class to change the behavior for all instances.

By default all of the class functions are applied to the current GeSearch instance (i.e. within the functions this will refer to the current GeSearch instance).

var options = {query: "Los Angeles", onResults: function(){...}};
new GeSearch(options);


Stores the GEPlugin instance.

Initializing a jQuery.geSearch will use either the gePlugin option, the GeSearch.gePlugin class variable, or window.gePlugin. An error is thrown if no GEPlugin instance if found.


Handler for the google.maps.GeocoderResult function call.


Takes a google.maps.GeocoderResult object and causes the map to fly to that location.


Flashes a message reading "Nothing found".