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I further expanded my build script to allow building previous toolchain versions.

The script is available from

To get an idea of it's usage, below is the script --help message:

ilg-mbp:NoBackup ilg$ sh --help

Script to build the Mentor/CodeSourcery ARM EABI toolchain on Mac OS X.

Usage: [clean]
        Build the latest Mentor/CS version with the latest JS release. 2011.09-69 0084249 [clean] 2011.03-49 0084249 [clean] 2011.03-49 706e734 [clean]
        Build the given Mentor/CS version with the given JS release.

Adding 'clean' to the end performs a 'make clean' on the given configuration.

ilg-mbp:NoBackup ilg$ 

The point is that during the lifespan of a product it happens that after a while we need to rebuild a certain old version of the product exactly with the same compiler used initially, and the toolchain might not be at hand, so it is important to have a procedure to rebuild the old version.

My script attempts to solve this, so by remembering the Mentor/CS version and the Makefile release it should allow to rebuild the same toolchain from scratch.

All three above configurations build properly.

In case you find something useful in this script, you are free to use it in the Makefile (for example I set the PROCS value to the actual number of cores available, 8 in my MBP case).


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