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Static build? #19

davidswelt opened this Issue Feb 26, 2012 · 2 comments

3 participants


I like home brew, but would it be possible to get around issues with dependencies by simply providing statically linked binaries?

jsnyder commented Feb 28, 2012

I used to build all the the pre-requisites (at least on OS X) separately with only static libraries which yielded the result you're describing. I see that I'm now sucking in some dynamic library dependencies because the homebrew ports provide both static and dynamic libs.

I should be able to update those dependency builds (still in the Makefile, but probably broken) and at least provide that as an unsupported option and a way to properly make the binaries static.

andersm commented Dec 7, 2012

GCC comes with a script (contrib/download_prerequisites) that downloads the gmp/mpc/mpfr sources into the GCC sourcetree. The GCC build process then builds the libraries automatically as part of its normal build process.

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