2012.03-56 new Sourcery URLs #23

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ilg-ul commented Jun 11, 2012

Although it seems that Mentor maintains the old download URLs, as far as I could see, the new URLs are slightly changed:


Perhaps it would be necesary to update the URLs to reflect this.

I would also suggest to use '?=' instead of '=' for the lines 56-62, to allow URL customisation.




bradtgmurray commented Jun 11, 2012

The way I prefer to customize makefiles is by specifying the extra arguments on the command line. Command line variable assignments always override variable assignments in the makefile itself, regardless of '?=' vs '='.

ilg-ul commented Jun 11, 2012

Ok, that's a solution, however the structure of the script I use to call the Makefile is a bit more complex and passing these values via environment variables is probably more appropriate.

I think that adding the '?' in the Makefile is easier than having my script define and apply patches to the Makefile, as I had to do with previous versions.

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