Directed Acyclic Word Graph implementation in C.
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A barebones implementation of a Directed Acyclic Word Graph (DAWG) in C.

Run make and then ./yodawg <prefix> to test.

What is a DAWG?

To quote Wikipedia, a DAWG, or Directed Acyclic Word Graph, "is a data structure that represents a set of strings, and allows for a query operation that tests whether a given string belongs to the set in time proportional to its length. In these respects, a DAWG is very similar to a trie, but it is much more space efficient."

Wait, what?

You can add a set of strings to a DAWG, then, for example, test to see if a string is in the set in O(n) time, where n is the length of the tested string.

You can also, in much slower time, but fairly compact space, get all the members of the set that begin with a given prefix. This is useful, for example, for autocomplete. And that is why I started researching DAWGs and eventually wrote yodawg.

Why did you write yodawg?

A few reasons:

  1. To practice some slightly non-trivial C.
  2. To better understand DAWGs.
  3. In hopes that I might build a space-efficient autocomplete tool.

My goal with #3 is to build a Python module around yodawg that can store a DAWG very space-efficiently, and then write a simple web service that, given a prefix, returns the possible completions.

By writing yodawg in C, I hope it might be able to form the core of modules for other languages, like Ruby or Node.js, too.


  1. I am, shall we say, a beginner at C.
  2. I wouldn't use this in critical or production code.
  3. I haven't done much (any) performance (memory or time) testing yet.
  4. Patches very welcome, but please be nice (remember #1).


  • Some form of unicode support.