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S3 caching of Google Spreadsheets for Tabletop.js

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Flatware provides a tiny S3 buffer between you and Google Spreadsheets, protecting you from downtime, lag and the terrifying caprice of Mountain View. It's meant to be used with Tabletop.js.

Alternatives can be found in Tabletop.js's /caching directory.

The Whole Shebang

Step One: Get a Heroku account and install their Toolbelt nonsense

Step Two: Get an Amazon Web Services account and create an S3 bucket

Step Three: Clone this repo and push it up to an Heroku instance

git clone
cd flatware
heroku create
git push heroku master

Step Four: Set up your environment to reflect your S3 info


Step Five: Visit your page and add a Google Spreadsheet. Maybe just use this one down here:

Step Six: Process the JSON to S3, using either heroku run rake flatware:process or clicking the Sync all spreadsheets button.

Step Seven: Edit a Tabletop.js file to reflect your new cached set of data on S3. Try /examples/proxy/index.html and changing proxy: '' to reflect your bucket

Step Eight: If you'd like, you can use Heroku Scheduler to automatically run your rake task every X minutes.


Hi, I'm Soma, I make things. Questions/comments/tiny daggers can be shot to @dangerscarf or

Flatware was made over a harried afternoon so pull requests are more than welcome.

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