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I discovered a dataset on Military Coups across the world, [thanks to Jeremy Singer Vine's Data is Plural.] - Two political science professors at the University of Kentucky are compiling a dataset of coup attempts. So far, the dataset covers both successful and unsuccessful attempts from 1950 to late 2015.

A coup as defined by this dataset is "illegal and overt attempts by the military or other elites within the state apparatus to unseat the sitting executive," and successes as episodes in which the perpetrators control power for at least 7 days. During those 65+ years, coup plotters have been foiled about half the time, with 236 victories and 238 failures.The impact of these coups on economic growth has not been studied much. We could try seeing the impact of this on a parameter such as GDP to see if they do have an impact or not.I will annotate the GDP data I have made for my story earlier - along with this data on successful coups from here. The idea will be to produce visuals of small multiples with successful and unsuccessful coups and their impact on economic growth. These visuals can demonstrate whether or not coups have an impact on economic growth or is it the sluggish economic growth that causes these coups to occur in the first place