Real-time multiplayer sporcle-like quiz races
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/play/quiz TODOs

Add flash[:notice] and flash[:alert]

Robustify structure: /initiate -> /boilerplate/set_handle - choose a handle w/ ajax validation - adds that plus 90834902839238 id to session /quiz/wait -> /play/wait - there is always one waiting room, and games spin off of it - the index page shows the status of the waiting room for that quiz - if you're in the room when the countdown starts, you're on the list - you can be on the list without being in the game - nothing that happens in this room should affect the current dash object - the urls that people can share with friends include their id, so that "groups" are automatically created - should definitely be chat in here /quiz/dash -> /play/quiz - no need to hide leaderboard and such - once the game starts, no new people can enter, and it's its own independent object - if you disconnect from a game and then return, you can get in if you're on the list - what happens to the people who have just finished a dash and want to play it again? think more carefully about the dash object - when the players are ready or the max wait time hits everyone who's opted in ("ready") is redirected to the play url - others keep waiting while the waitroom timer restarts - wait room is timed on the server - if you're not on the list and you try to go to the play url, you're bumped into the waiting area

Show game status (how many waiting, etc.) on quiz partials

Clean up code: - quiz_js.html.erb needs real work; objectify the js using leaderboard.js as a model - $redis API could be cleaner; re-use functions - name things so that they're easy to find, the js for quiz crud being a prime example - index.html for boilerplate and quizzes - rename things to get away from github's labels

Same answers for multiple questions should work

With only 10 questions per game, scale indicators appropriately

Count how many times a player has played a game, with an eye toward pushing people who know it really well to other games.

Timer fritzing?

How many people are waiting for a given game?

Give hints (like fill in letters) if people aren't performing well

Show more stats to people who finish early

Redis dash handling -- how to deal with blanks, back buttons, and lingering objects

How to deal with people coming in in the middle of a game? Spin off a new game? How to wait?

Deploy Have to start redis server cd /usr/local/src/redis-2.2.2/src; ./redis-server Have to start juggernaut cd /usr/local/src/npm/node_modules/juggernaut; node server.js Have to open port 8080 on web role through security group Can we close port 8080 on app role? Can we bring back SSL support? Can we bring back monit? (Remember port change to 8090 and AWS security group)

Matchmaking and rooms (first cut) One room per quiz Start by voting When game ends the dash data is stored then destroyed Either "click here to play again" or go somewhere else

Scale the question indicators so that, say, four of them would take up as much space as fifteen (they'd just be wider). Also scale the input boxes

Stats of individual questions answered

Put question IDs in the mix so that we know which questions were answered.

More complex version of how timers could work At a certain point the server should fire off a "start countdown" event to the clients in the channel (do this manually for now) Clients locked out for ten seconds or so When clients are freed, they start playing, the quiz timer starts counting down At that moment we fire a message to the server saying that the dash has started at this timestamp Every time the dash is touched its "last-touch" timestamp changes Let's examine the difference between ("last-touch" - "first-touch") and the regular Javascript clock Synchronize if necessary -- sync to fastest time? Just end the game either when your clock runs out or when someone else's has (and they've sent a "time's up" message)

What's stored when you end a dash? Probably want to store people's scores. Might as well just leave the Dash object.

Quiz categories are not yet hooked up to the quiz crud interface.

Scramble the answers? Come up with a simple random offset between 3 and 100. Call it f. Scramble the answers according to f on the server, and send those AND f to the client. On the keyup event, scramble the input using f and correlate.

/quiz/* TODOs

Quiz and question model validations and form errors; clear empty questions callback.

ENTER key behavior in text boxes (catch key event and do a focus or something (maybe nothing) if not last input)

Shouldn't be able to delete all questions when editing a quiz

Room TODOs

Min of two players before a channel's status can be okayed to go, then there's a countdown, a period during which other people can join that game, and games with more players (up to a max) are sorted st they have higher priority (but not a total lock, some randomness involved)

How to avoid keeping people waiting in a waiting area for too long, but not give away the content of the upcoming game? Also want to give people a chance to read the instructions.

Player disconnects?

Key metrics

How many players are there?

How many people who start a game finish it?

How many people who finish one game play another?

Histogram of game streaks

How do these metrics correlate with performance?

Keep a dashboard that's updated dynamically (even using Juggernaut) with simple Redis counts on events

Reference info

To start juggernaut: 1. Start redis: redis-server ~/projects/redis-2.0.4/redis.conf 2. Start juggernaut: cd ~/juggernaut; sudo node server.js 3. Head to /jugtest/land.

Code-level issues

Gem bundle?

Can Rails handle all these concurrent connections? How to scale?

Gameplay features

Syncing games and managing timers

Matchmaking options? discuss with freedman and silber.

Extra points for guessing something that no one else has guessed

First blood (fps game mechanics) / badges for end of match / flawless victory! (first to answer every question)

Calling out a tough question (~wager)

Blanking out other people's questions / fuck with their typing

Daily doubles

General site features

Sessions -> migrate to accounts (pre-populate signup with chosen handle and save the session stats)

Discover channels by browsing

Automatically generating quizzes from a subset of the questions tied to that quiz. Randomly select them or choose cleverly.

The "quizdash" is the dashboard of your quiz performance

Players have a handle and also a short message / quote

Histogram with everyone's progress. or, they could show activity on the site more generally!

Login for users, stats, etc.

Party mode / matchmaking

De-illegalize templates