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Add json-api-document-viewer to implementations is a React.js based
tool that aims to visualise relationships in large json:api documents
with a lot of "included" objects. It visually nests the relationships
under their parents but does it one level at a time, thus avoiding
infinite loops ... unless the user is infinitely patient in expanding
them :)
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## <a href="#related-tools" id="related-tools" class="headerlink"></a> Related Tools
+### <a href="#related-tools-playground" id="related-tools-playground" class="headerlink"></a> Playground
+* [json-api-document-viewer]( the flat json:api structure is a good way to express complex relationships between objects. However the same flatness makes it difficult for humans to "parse" these relationships. This tool visualises object relationships by visually nesting them.
### <a href="#related-tools-ruby" id="related-tools-ruby" class="headerlink"></a> Ruby
* [json-patch]( implementation of JSON Patch (rfc6902)

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