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Note that the felds[] typo is intentional (see #942), and use felds[people] rather than felds[author] since "people" is much more likely to be a type name than "author" (and, given the discussion on discuss, we want to make it clear that `fields` refers to type names and not relationship paths).
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@@ -414,6 +414,6 @@ ignore an invalid parameter and have the request succeed, rather than respond wi
an error. [API-specific query parameters must contain one non a-z
-Other examples of invalid parameters include: `?felds[author]=` (invalid parameter name)
-and `?` (invalid parameter, in this case,
-a phishing attack), etc.
+Other examples of invalid parameters include: `?felds[people]=` (invalid parameter name;
+should be `fields[people]`) and `?` (invalid parameter,
+in this case, a phishing attack), etc.

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