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jsoniter (json-iterator) is fast and flexible JSON parser available in Java and Go

Why jsoniter?

  • Jsoniter is the fastest JSON parser. It could be up to 10x faster than normal parser, data binding included. Shameless self benchmark
  • Extremely flexible api. You can mix and match three different styles: bind-api, any-api or iterator-api. Checkout your api choices
  • Unique iterator api can iterate through JSON directly, zero memory allocation! See how iterator works

Show off

Here is a quick show off, for more complete report you can checkout the full benchmark with in-depth optimization to back the numbers up


Bind-API is the best

Bind-api should always be the first choice. Given this JSON document [0,1,2,3]

Parse with Go bind-api

import ""
iter := jsoniter.ParseString(`[0,1,2,3]`)
val := []int{}

Iterator-API for quick extraction

When you do not need to get all the data back, just extract some.

Parse with Go iterator-api

import ""
iter := ParseString(`[0, [1, 2], [3, 4], 5]`)
count := 0
for iter.ReadArray() {
fmt.Println(count) // 4

Any-API for maximum flexibility

Parse with Go any-api

import ""
iter := jsoniter.ParseString(`[{"field1":"11","field2":"12"},{"field1":"21","field2":"22"}]`)
val := iter.ReadAny()
fmt.Println(val.ToInt(1, "field2")) // 22

Notice you can extract from nested data structure, and convert any type to the type to you want.

How to get

go get

Contribution Welcomed !

Report issue or pull request, or email, or Gitter chat