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Welcome to JSON Schema

This repository contains the current, and historical, JSON Schema specifications.

Call for reviews

Specifications are starting to get written. Reviews, comments and suggestions are of paramount importance to JSON Schema. It is humbly asked to you, dear reader, that you bring your contribution.


For the current status of issues and pull requests, please see the following labels

Available In Progress Review Needed

Critical High Medium Low

Labels are assigned based on Sensible Github Labels.


  • Makefile - scripts to build the Internet-Draft txt/html
  • archive/ - files for other/older JSON Schema implementations
  • hyper-schema.json - the JSON Hyper-schema meta-schema
  • schema.json - the JSON Schema meta-schema
  • jsonschema-core.xml - sources for "core" spec
  • jsonschema-validation - sources for JSON Schema validation
  • jsonschema-hyperschema.xml - sources for hyper-schema spec

Type "make" at a shell to build the .txt and .html spec files.

Descriptions of the xml2rfc, I-D documents, and RFC processes:

The website

The JSON Schema web site is at

The source for the website is maintained in a separate repository.


The source material in this repository is licensed under the AFL or BSD license.